Thursday, January 17, 2008

the world of becoming

A few nights ago D was here; I showed him how to use the rope he bought and put myself in a harness with a breast yoke, leash and rope down through my clit. (It was amazing how turned on I got from just feeling the rope.) I then had him out restraints on my wrists, cuff them together, and tie me down on the bed. He added a blindfold, did some flogging and light whip, and by the time he put his hands in me I was so wet I squirted all over the bed.

Tonight, Morgan is here, after some time apart. I'm treasuring the thoughts of climbing on top of him and putting his big cock inside me. Of him cuddling against me, inserting his cock in my ass and murmuring "Mnnnnn, smooth as silk," of us cuddling together, my body folded into his like I am nestled in a cave.

And then there's the really cute girl I met, the young one, who I'd like to spend more time with, but who I shouldn't try to take advantage of (some great fantasy material there). And my friend Andromeda, the goddess, and...yes, without any idea of how to go get one, my latest playtime interest is a girlfriend, or at least, someone with soft bits and breasts, maybe short cropped hair--only I have no idea how to meet this person, truly. (advice welcomed).


The Fury said...

I say you go for the "really cute girl" or Andromeda, you'll just end up thinking of ways to get them while you're biding your time with whichever woman you find in the mean time.

little girl said...

Hi darling,
i moved *s*

You should come over soon before it's locked.

All my best,

Daisy said...

Oh! I luv the anticipation. Keep them cumming!

I write based on experience and I am merely halfway through. Care to exchange links?