Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007 round-up: My year in sex

Yep, it's that time, time to look back at the lovers and the fighters, at least the ones I am allowed to write about. Here's the month by month chronicle of the hit parade:

January 2007--Andre: Six intense months with sweet Dom Andre kicked in right after New Year's Eve, at the same time that I continued my relationship with the attached D. Life with Andre included a visit to a play party, grinding with a drunk chick, and discovering A could make me come oh, about 18 times in a row, and leave me in a wet, limp puddle.

May 2007--June 2007--Broke up with both the fellas, more or less and got to know my hand a whole lot better.

July 2007: Met Magic and Morgan and decided to broaden my horizons a bit and check out group sex, women, and playing the field.

October 2007: First orgy, first group sex, more fun with girls. Tried swinging with M. Oh, turned into one happy switch.

November 2007: Bear!

December 2007: Switch, switch, it possible to love holding down my sweetie? I do.
(And love it when he Daddies me.)

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