Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here's to pretty--and genderbending

Men are supposed to be big, and strong, and tough, but no one is writing about the delightful feminine touches even a manly man can have.
I like big, strong, brawny guys, you see, but one of the things I like about them is the softness the soft flesh under their arms can have, and the smooth curves of their thighs.
I like the soft curve of their bellies and the curving flesh of their breasts, ideally a tiny bit fuller than they might like, a small reminder that men, like women, can have very sensitive breasts.
I like putting my tongue across their nipples and holding the soft flesh as my tongue flicks the pink tip, and I like rubbing their butts with my hands, warming them up nice and pink just like guys to to me.
I like men who aren't perfect, who have their own sorts of curves and who are comfortable with that (feminine) side of themselves, who moan deep in their throats with pleasure as I suck and stroke their cocks and put my mouth on their breasts.
Yes, I like pretty men--and I also like men with girly bits--men who can let me hold them down and make them scream--and then turn round and do the same thing to me.

(Note: Reading a post by MayMay about wanting to feel pretty and be a pretty man when he feels like has spurred me to write this post, above.)


maymay said...

Even the hardest chunk of muscle is soft on the outside. Men are taught that that part shouldn't matter. What a shame that is.

It's nice to hear that a post of mine inspired this! In case you're not aware, I've moved away from Blogger and now keep my blog up to date at, so you might consider changing the link to my post's new address.

Curvaceous Dee said...

I love my pretty men - the feel of their flesh moving over muscle, the delightful shiver they have when I bite and feel into their skin and into the subcutaneous fat, the delicious pressure I can exert when massaging. Yum.

This post is fantastic.

xx Dee