Saturday, December 31, 2005

My first date fuck--and I squirted!!!

Alpha and I went out tonight to hear music. We'd met online, and after a week of emails and phone calls decided to first have coffee and then have dinner and go out to hear music, kinda a week of dating in one day.
Of course, we ended up at my place, making out on the couch.
Alpha is clearly a nipple fetishist, so he had an amazing time kissing and licking my big nipples and rolling them around in his fingers. By the time he had my shirt off and his hand down my pants, I'd decided I was going to sleep with him, and once I got his shirt off, I suggested we move to the bedroom.
Naked on the bed, pressing skin to skin, we caressed and kissed one another.
His cock is long and fat, something I've misssed, and he really knows g-spot anatomy--he put his fingers inside me and I basically went nuts with pleasure.
During my insanity, I came so hard I massively squirted all over the bed--there is a tremendous wet spot there now!!!
This is only big squirt #2 in my slut career, so I was impressed.
Soon I was sucking Alpha's nice thick cock and he was moaning as I took it down my throat.
I kissed it and licked it and then we put a condom on it and we fucked--first with me on top, then doggy style, then from behind where the woman lies down on her stomach and the guy jams it between her legs and into her pussy--But as he got a little soft, Alpha tried anal, and I could tell it would hurt too much with no warm up so I said not now and ended up giving him a hand job.
And did I mention I came 120 times, tho I was disappointed he didn't come inside me, condom or not (I mean having the guy come usually makes me come).
We kissed and smiled and he just left...This is only the third guy I have had sexual intercourse with since I became single 10 months ago--and it felt great!!!
Off to bed now--this little squirter needs her rest.

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Marvin said...


That's all I got. The enthusiasm of this post is palpable, and damned sweet.

I'll have to make a mental note of your love of hands.