Friday, December 16, 2005


We all have our fetishes.
My current fixation is the hood, which I don't have yet, and R's cock, which I do.
Z's current fixation is my breasts, or what he calls "your huge, hot tits."
What Z is really into is jamming his cock down my throat till I gag and my saliva is
all thick and ropy and then having me lube up his cock with the gluey strands and bend over and rub my breasts against his cock so he can fuck my tits.
Lately, he's come this way several times, and his only regret is that more of his come seems to
end up on him(which means I have to daintily lick it off) than on my breasts, where he would
like to see it displayed.
The cool thing here is that Z gets so turned on I get turned on too, so last night I was so into all this I was practically coming myself.
(There's nothing more gratifying than knowing your partner thinks you're the best sex he's ever had...and he's got the range of experience to have that opinion count.)

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Jay said...

I read and I like you are reviewed and I would love to tit fuck you and lick my cum off your big tities