Thursday, December 15, 2005


I know I have an oral fetish of the worst kind.
Sucking Z's cock while he touches my g-spot has a way of driving me insane.
I'm able to relax my throat in a way that lets him go all the way to the back,
where I can clench my throat muscles around the tip
and make him nuts.
So I decided that I wanted a nice hood for Xmas. A heavy spandex hood with the mouth carved out, one that I can wear while Z fucks my face--and my throat--with his cock.
One that look hot with puffy lips and red lipstick, both of wich can be arranged.
I want my eyes covered, lips bare, sucking cock with red lips in that big black hood.


chelsea girl said...

That's hottt.

(The extra "t"s are for extra temp.)

brat said...

I agree with chelsea girl. Hotttt!