Sunday, December 25, 2005

Reunion with Z

Z and I are together after almost a week apart.
He kisses and bites my breasts, pulling the nipples taut,
then turns me over and spanks me, hard, until my bottom is rosy red,
then puts a finger inside my ass, fucking it till I want to come.
Later, he puts his fingers inside me and makes my g-spot swell until I scream,
but it makes him so excited I have to kneel down and suck his cock.
Z uses my mouth like a pussy, thrusting in and out, hard, until I want him to fuck me so badly I am begging.
As he moves inside me, Z slaps my face, heavy blows to the cheek that totally turn me on, and then he hold my throat and controls me.
Soon, he is jerking off against my breasts, coming between my tits and rubbing the come on my cheek.
"I am your master,"he says. "I own you, I control you."
"Yes, you do, " I say, "And I love being your submissive slut."

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Jay said...

nice slut