Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sexual plans 2006

I haven't made much progress yet in expanding my sex life, though I have certainly tried to lay the ground work. However, the couples I've met online who are looking for a woman for a threesome seem either too hardened, or like one or the other is driving the process too hard--so the threesome thing hasn't moved along.
As for good old plain sex, something I can always use more of, I have met someone but one thing or another has come up that's led to us posting our meetings...maybe some progress there next week. And while there are lots of prospects, I don't have time to check them out --and maintain the relationships I have (and work, etc.)
As for group sex, bi-sexual sex, group BDSM play, etc....I am going to have to work my way up to all those...the nice thing about being single is there is no rush.
Some sexual hopes for 2006:

  • Become more of an ethical slut--read the book now and like it.
  • Expand into greater polyamorous perversity and sex in the moment--with people I know and trust.
  • Continue to build my bond with Z, but experiment with others with BDSM-tinged play without breaking our agreement that he--and only he--Master me.
  • Have a hot affair with a really great woman--or two.
  • Check out some play parties and group sex scenes--preferably with friends.

Anything else you all think I should be considering?


Marvin said...

How about taking a trip to Connecticut? I have a paddle that would love to meet you ;)

But seriously, have a Happy New Year.

j said...

i also have some lovely friends who host great parties. pretty much everyone is bi and just lloves to get off.

let me know