Thursday, December 01, 2005

Breath play

Z and I are in bed. I've been away, and now I am back.
We cuddle and kiss and he touches the curves of my thighs, my hips,
my small waist and round bottom, my curvy breasts.

We kiss.
We kiss like two people who are drowning and want to float away entwined,
Like two people starving who want to lick up all the wetness,
Like ghosts made dense by the way our warm skins collide.

Z puts his fingers inside me.
I suck his cock till I choke, till he's thrusting deep at the back of my throat
and I'm so hot I want him to fuck me right then,
to come deep inside.

Z is in front of me, my legs pushed up and back, his cock stabbing into my cunt.
I tighten around him and it feels so good
feels so good as he tightens his hands around my throat
presses his hands down on my breasts,
presses his weight against my neck,
and comes hard, inside me
as I push his arms away and breathe
and scream
and breathe.

Later, much later, we cuddle and talk.
"I love to control you,"say Z. "I love the feeling of my hands on your neck.
How submissive you are. How you will do anything I ask."

"I only want to please,"I murmur as I curl against him,
thinking, for the 10,000 time, how amazing it seems that we could meet--
two people so adept at giving one another what they want.

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brat said...

ahhh - how very nice. that sounds lovely!