Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Seeing the other guy(s)--and Z

Friday I am meeting the new possible guy for a drink.
Very curious about him..we've talked on the phone a good bit and he seems very nice...we sound compatible.
And my out of state friend is coming to town..we'll spend time together--So the next ten days could include (will include) sex with people other than Z...but sex with Z, as well, of course.
My last playtime with Z was so tremendous, I haven't posted about all the things we did, but it was great--he turns me on so much and we can be so in sync.
On the other hand, after all those years with one person, I just can't let myself be exclusive right now--I am debating how direct to be with Z about these other men...I think he prefers a don't ask, don't tell sort of scenario and I am the more direct sort--but I don't want to hurt him--or lie. (I won't lie.)

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