Thursday, November 10, 2005

A fantasy: this is what we love

You collar me and blindfold my eyes.
Later, there may be a silken gag.
I feel you tie my hands and push me into the bed and I wince as you clamp my nipples tight.
As you push me down, I feel your hands caress me,
the pink flesh growing red.
You bend, and your tongue flicks the pearl of my clit
and I wish you could swallow me, whole.
Your mouth is on me and your tongue, inside.
As I bend toward you, arching with pleasure,
you lube my ass and insert the plug.
The pain makes me gasp
but when you put two fingers inside me, hot and wet,
I want more of your hand, the hand squeezing me, probing as it caresses,
making me want you to fill me, to possess me some more.
Soon there is a vibrator and a gag,
and then you are spanking my ass, rubbing the skin to savor the red,
then hitting the riding crop against my skin.
By the time you put your cock inside me
I am ready to cry
ready to scream with the pleasure of having you fill me
of feeling your slick wetness against my hot skin
Of knowing I belong to you
and this is what we love.

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