Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fingered by Z

Last night Z was here. We were on the couch, and he put his hand inside my pants, reached for my pussy, and stroked his way inside. As he touched and fingered me, he watched my face, gauging response. With his other hand, he stroked my breasts and held my throat.
As Z touched me, I could feel myself opening to him, wider and wider, and as he rubbed my g-spot, I moved my hips. It felt so good.
More and more of his hand reached up inside, tugging, caressing, rubbing, teasing, but I knew (from past experience) there was no way he was going to fuck me--No, he was going to enjoy driving me crazy, demonstrating his control and ability to make me come multiple times.
After he'd made me sufficently (but not completely) insane, he told me to get on the couch and pull down my pants.
I bent over and first he inserted the knobbed Pyrex butt plug, then he proceeded to give me a spanking harder than I've had in weeks--not only on my ass, but on my hips, my inner thighs, my lower back, and my pussy. It hurt! As Z spanked me with one hand, he fingered me with the other, then fucked my ass with the plug (I was so turned on, this was easy).
Finally, he put fingers from both his hands inside me--one set hooked on my g-spot, the other fucking my pussy and rubbing against the (still inserted) plug from inside.
I must have come 10 times,but when I asked if I could suck his cock, he said no.

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