Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The orgasms are amazing

Z and I make love for hours. When we are done, we lie side by side and talk and cuddle, but then talking makes us aroused, and we go at it again.
We haven't seen each other for a week, and the intensity is amazing.
As Z touches me, reaching inside me to stroke the g-spot, my body opens to him and once again,
for the second time, he has four fingers inside me, almost a whole hand.
As he caresses me, I push against him, experimenting with pushing out against his hand as well as contracting in, which is what I usually do.
With Z's fingers inside me, wrapped around my skin--I feel waves and waves of sensation--an orgasm that just builds until I want to scream, until I have that smoothed out like paper feeling I like so much, the utter peacefulness of having your brains blown.
Later, Z tells me what it felt like for him:"It was like being wrapped in some sort of silk, or velvet," he says. "The feel of your soft flesh against my skin, the way your body was rhythmically pulsing, squeezing against me, I've never felt anything quite like it."
We're at the stage where we're so close, we're making all sort of discoveries.
Everything feels special and unique.
We feel lucky--I feel lucky.
And the orgasms are amazing.

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