Sunday, November 13, 2005

Z and I are asleep in bed; I'm naked

It's Sunday morning Z and I are asleep in bed; I'm naked and my hips curve against him as I cuddle the pillow. z turns and reaches for me,
His hands caresses my breasts, touch the tips and trace the full roundness of each globe.
Growling, Z pulls me closer, tight against him, till I am tucked right against his chest.
Gentlely, he turns me over and strokes me like a cat, long, gentle caresses down my sides and along my arms, gentle tugs and touches at my neck, my throat.
"Turn over" he says, pushing my legs apart so his hand can stroke my pussy.
"Open your legs," he says, his hand teasing the lips, wiggling its teasing way inside,
playing till I move my hips and arch against him, it feels so good.
"You little slut, you always want to come, don't you?" he says, and puts two fingers into a space that is now hot and getting wet, a space where I hold him as he holds me, his other hand holding my breasts.
Z works me till I come, and then till I come again. He watches closely as I sigh and moan and move--hard--against his hand.
"You belong to me, I control you," he says, and I agree because his touching me feels so good, because I am so completely turned on by both what he is doing and the idea of pleasing this man.
"Yes, yes," I sob, "Ohhhh, that feels so good!" and when he tells me to come for him, that he wants me to feel me come, I let myself go as much as I possible can and have my own small explosions under his hand, again and again and again.
Z take fingers out and puts then in my mouth.
Obediently, I lick them clean.
He kisses me deeply, puts his arms around me and says " I love to make you come. It gives me such pleasure to feel your body explode in warm ripples and waves."
"You give me such happiness," I say, and curl against him, thinking of the other things I hope we will do later in the day.

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