Sunday, July 23, 2006

New experience 2: The nudist colony

So I spent the weekend at a nudist resort (Yes, D went with me).
If I was going to chart my exposure to groups of naked bodies, this might be the apogee of my bell curve--from taking my clothes off in a group to jump in D's hott tub with a group of people, to dancing naked at my new community event, to stripping down in from of dozens of (naked) strangers in a closed setting, I'm certainly moving down the modesty continum--the next step will mostly likely be taking it all off in a more public setting, like a local nude beach.

Of course I enjoyed ogling some of the beautiful bodies, and the endlessly interesting array of cocks, breasts, asses and tattoos, but it was a chaste as could be, at least in public--which meant that I took great pleasure in yowling behind closed doors--specifically, as D and I screwed in our corner room overlooking for swimming pool, I gave myself the pleasure of some heartfelt--and loud--screaming and moaning as D fucked me silly, pounding his cock into my pussy doggy-style, just the way we both like it--deep, rough, and hard.

Nothing like imagining the whole pool area--and the single guys lingering alone below--as my screams floated out over the pool area, letting everyone know someone was getting it, and getting it good.


yougogirl said...

um interesting lol

Marvin said...

Hot, hot, hot. More please! There is nothing like the fun of good, hard, deep doggystyle.