Monday, July 17, 2006

The Love Doctor is in

D and I are in bed at his house. "Let me message your legs," he says.
"Sure," I say,
He puts the message oil on his hands and greases up my legs.
Soon, he is rubbing the long muscles in my legs with his strong hands,
moving his fingers up my thighs and pressing the knots smooth,
working his hands along my hips, touching the soft flesh of my ass
on his way to my lower back.
As he rubs the muscles, he presses my whole body down into the bed
so I feel his strength on me, the long strokes of his hands holding me
down into the mattress. I feel his cock hanging, hardening between my thighs
as he works his strength along my back, feel the hard stiffening as his hands warm my flesh,
feel him grow erect and I want him inside me.

And then there is the moment I raise my hips ever so slightly as he scours his hands on my
muscles, and there is a push and he is in, inside me, moving hard, his cock beating inside my flesh like another bit of my skin, pounding softly into me, hot and wet, as I feel so liquid with him.

We fuck like two happy animals, softer and gentler than sometimes, but with the greed of two people aroused and attuned to one another's flesh. He pulls me up, hips in the air, and we do it doggie style like we both love and it feels so good as I come and come, and as he shoots himself into me, squirting and squirting like a goddamned gush, an explosion of joy and come.

And then we lie together and rest, hold one another after we clean up the wet. I love the smell of him, love the feel of his heavy arm thrown across my chest, love the way he curls into me as we get ready to go to bed and I just feel so happy, so lucky, so wanted by him and as I fall asleep I think "I want to do this again."

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