Wednesday, July 12, 2006

4am, in bed with D

His hands are on my breasts, his mouth is against my neck, and he's spooned into me, cock hard, the front of his body fitted around my back. Is it possible to sigh with pleasure in your sleep?
To awaken thrilled and aroused by a loving touch?
Soon, I can't take it any more and I turn my my back, needing him inside me, needing to feel that hard cock hitting my g-spot from the inside, to feel his skin warming against mine. "Are you going to come again, you slut? Come on my cock?" he says, and I feel my body madly tighten as he speaks, wanting only to feast and please.
"Oh, it feels so good," I whisper as he pounds into me, feeling every last thrust and buckle, every second his hard cock pulls in and out.
We make love for an hour, smothering one another with kisses, slamming our bodies together in flurry of warm love, then curl back together, cuddled, and spend the next 2 hours talking.

And then it's morning, and then, he leaves, and all day I think about about us, awake in the night.

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