Sunday, July 09, 2006

The woman

I met a woman today who totally caught my attention. Starfire is perhaps 40, slim and dark, with spiky hair and white teeth...She's Francois, a designer, once married and now with a female lover...and into BDSM. I found her entrancing...charming...and have been imagining whether there's anywhere this might go--and hope the answer is yes.
I've never slept with a woman, you see, not even in my HS days, when I tried to have sex with a female friend and flipped out over it. Lately, women have become more interesting to me, but I haven't met anyone that struck a chord--not till Starfire.
God, she is fine!
Small round breasts, lean thighs, beautiful, greedy energy--feeling and lovely and bright.
And she's madly in love with a FemDom--but not in a way that stopped her from giving me--and a couple of other folks--some lovely kisses. Lovely warm kisses.
Maybe she will be the one..or not--I hope to get to know her better either way-she could be a wonderful friend.

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