Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In R's bed, early am

Spent the night at Z's.
In the morning, as the alarm went off, Zand I turned to one another and began to make love once more.
What can I say about the moments he jammed his fingers inside me, making me squirt three times?
Or the way he bit my breast as he stroked me, his fingers curling gently inside my ass?
And the way he spanked me as I sucked his cock, the way he used my mouth like a pussy, the way he moaned and held my head, and the way as he held me down, hit me and controlled me, I went nuts with joy, amazed that this was so much the right thing.
"Master," I said, thinking I want to be mastered.
"My big breasted cock slut," he said, and then,"Oh, I love you so much."


rose said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, nice! nothing like love in the morning after cuddling all night......especially that kind of love!

lolalane said...

That's 100 times better than breakfast in bed...or it is breakfast in bed, so to speak. A serving of cock in the morning never hurt anyone.