Sunday, February 19, 2006

With Z--touch of his hand on my throat

It's been too long since Z has been in my bed.
We kiss and hug and he pushes my head down to his cock.
It's so long, so hard and dark pink, I want to take it in my mouth and do what he wants: lick and suck.
The back of my throat feels raw as he pushes against me
I think about the hood and think about my mouth
I know my pussy is hot and wet, dark red and hungry.
Soon enough, he is inside me.
"After you come, get off me and suck the juices off my cock," Z says.
I ride and bounce, but we come together, his explosion setting off my own.
"I was going to come in your face," Z whispers, "But I just couldn't wait."
I bend over and daintily clean his cock with my tongue.

Later, Z enters me with his fingers. As he begins to touch me, I quiver, already aroused,
conditioned to want more when I feel his hands slipping up my thighs,
He pushes against my g-spot and I feel my pussy literally split open under his hands, hotter and wetter until the moment I squirt and come, and then the next moment when I do it again, and the third time, when I gush til everything feels hot and soaked.

There's nothing else like what I feel when you touch me like that, I tell him. It feels so good, but what I think about as we lie there together is the touch of his hand on my throat, signal of his dominance and my release.

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lolalane said...

This is so true. I love the feeling of my man's hand wrapped around my throat while he fucks me, controls me, comforts me, cuddles me. It's so fucking intimate.