Thursday, February 22, 2007

Grinding it

It's the weekend and Andre's taken me to a party with his friends. His vanilla friends, I mean--not the one's who saw me get hung up on the St. Andrew's Cross with big black cuffs and flogged into sub space, but the ones down at the cafe, the hanging on the porch friends from his town and bike riding trips.

It's Saturday night and we're out with said friends, couples, mostly, at a local bar, having a party of our own with the three-piece disco band that's wailing away on their horns, synth percussion and canned music.

The band is smoking, Andre and I are shaking our butts, and it's all good.
And then Olivia Newton Skank comes over to chat.

5' 8, big boobs, round butt, straight black bangs, ONSK dances like a stripper who's waiting to get back to the pole and she's been on the floor near us all night, shaking it with her date and some girl friends.

Now. she sails over to me.

"You are just so cute," she says."Such a good dancer, and so hot!"

"Thanks," I say, smiling a little as I turn back to Andre.

Twenty minutes later, she's over again. "Hey, I just have to dance with you...I keep watching you and you're so sexy...."

What the hell I think and I say "Okay," smiling slightly as I follow her into the center of the dance floor and into the juicy joyfulness of the Ohio Players, Kool and the Gang and the rest of the funk this band is throwin' down.

Skank Girl is shaking her melons in my face and making kissy lips at me; I', doing the bump against her thigh, hitting my shoulder and then my ass in perfect time to the (second) beat.

Soon, we're doing the dirty grind, crunking hard, and I know the whole room is watching the spectacularly sexy, powerfully controlled dance I'm doing against girlfriend's thighs, and the knee-popping, down-lo shamking Shanky Girl is doing round me.

We are hot, I know it, and if I suggested she come home with Andre and me, she'd agree in a flash, but she looks like she's been ridden too hard to be my type, and besides, her breasts are definitely fake (and, for all my bravado, I've never done a girl, not if you don't count some messing around at eighteen).

"Take it easy," I say and stride back to Andre, pleased as punch with my wild display.

"It's you she wants,not me," he says, as we start dancing again, my body small against this big man's side. I'm smiling and shaking it and all of a sudden Skanky Girl is back, griding against my shoulder so I'm suddenly the middle of a sandwich between her and Andre.

"Help" and "Get me out of here" I mouth to Andre, but he just laughs.

"Ohhhh,sweetie, you're so cute,"she says, leaning down and hugging me,.

I think Damn as I pull myself away, letting the intensity of the moment pass, amused that this is happening in the vanilla world, with a girl at the local bar, and not at a play party, an orgy or a club.

Damn, I tell myself,watching her walk back to the bar, damn, damn, damn, I could have taken that woman home tonight and that is just so freakin' odd.


Tom Paine said...

I have readers who dream about your opportunity to cross that threshold. And a heckler on another writer's blog who insists all women are latently bisexual and just waiting for the right opportunity (I call him Mr. Fullofshit).

Marvin said...

Lovely, lovely. It's amazing how once we have crossed over from the "vanilla" world, those secret things about us surface in the real world more and more ...