Monday, February 26, 2007

What I know about me and Andre

It could be that he's the one I've been looking for, and that he arrived when I didn't know I was searching.
Or it could be that we will have an amazingly delightful stretch of time and go on to other things and people--it is just too soon to tell.

But here's what I do know:

  • He can take me over and over, his hands rubbing my g-spot in a way that make me squirt buckets across the bed.
  • When I suck his cock, I like to lick the opening in the head; it's like a little mouth filled with pre-cum I can kiss,tease, and touch.
  • His teeth on my breast feel so good; my nipples hardening as he catches them just so, inflicting the most delicious pain.
  • When he spanks me, his big hands hit me just right, over and over, and at the same time I want to cry, I feel this amazing peace, a flowing into sub-space that is so soothing, so calm.
  • Lying together in bed, we fit just right.
  • His smile in the morning makes my heart sing.
  • We have no problem talking about sex--and even love--between ourselves and other people.

"I love how you give yourself to me," he says (this is not a very cruel Dom, but all Dom none the less)."And I love the feeling of controlling you."
"And I love giving myself to you," I respond. "I want you to feel you own me." (I don't say I want you to own me because I think he has to come to that.)

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