Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot banging sex...with my hand.

Touch me and I shiver, kiss me and I melt.

It's late night after a date and I am in bed with myself, making love with my hand.

We kissed in the car and he put his hand on my throat, but he doesn't know I'm submissive and he's not going to find out; I'm not playing so fast anymore--I'm just running those scenes in my mind.

Slowly, I wet my pussy lips and put my hand down there. One finger rubs around my clit, the other strokes the moist skin and the short, curly hairs. I can feel the heat from my body and how I want it, how I want that man I no longer have, and how I'm going to give myself exactly what I want, a big, banging orgasm that will leave me panting.

Slowly and gently, I touch and rub, petting the hot button of love until the tension makes me want to scream. My mind's full of moments, flashes of men, real and imagined.

Alone in the bed, I ride my dreams, rocking hard until I come, until a soft whisper stands in for the scream I'd utter if someone were really here, until I'm so tired I can fall asleep.

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