Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Plum and I plan our next date

Plum and I are changing things a little here. As I hoped we are turning things up a notch, but also have freed ourselves in other ways. When we left each other the other day, we began to plan our next date.

I found this delicious 3/16" orange rope which feels like a very strong dacron braid. No stretch, reasonably inexpensive at Ace Hardware. It caught my eye in a a display at the cash register. It called out to be wrapped around Plum's white skin. Get the EMT scissors out, this will be fun.

Usually our play is just a few taunts over the telephone or inan email before a date. I am not an over-planner. But, this time we agreed to be different. I also recently got some new toys.

While at the local feed and farm store, I picked a new riding crop and a quirt whip. Nothing too serious, but these are our favorite category of toys which we call pervertables. These are toys that have other intended uses that we can use for play. In this case, the price is probably 50% or less than the cost in a BDSM/Fetish store. I tried both in a light way the other day and got a good feeling for Plum's reaction.

So, we will add a bondage element here as well. I will bind Plum so she is pretty immobile. My scene envisions her to be pretty powerless to decide which part of her body I will use.

Plum is pretty flexible, so her grabbing her ankles, or rather not having a choice has possibilities, binding her breasts with the orange rope would put her in an dandy predictament. Then I would be free to take her anyway that I want. I like when bound breasts get so red. Pretty erotic, so primal......

After the light test with the new toys the other day, Plum said she wanted me to use them on her breasts. Yes, we are turning the heat up a little. Plum will get her wish.

The BDSM purists say that this is topping from the bottom, usually used in a derogatory manner. I just say that it is keeping my submissive happy. Time will tell us how happy she wants to be........ I intend to make her very happy.... always my intention! She will feel cherished as well, she will have no choice!

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