Monday, June 04, 2007

A most amazing night.........

Plum and I have an amazing quality. Our deep relationship seems to be able to handle bumps in the road, change course a little. and emerge completely revived. We love each other so much.

We started the day by checking in about some issues that troubled us, mostly related to the direction of our relationship. Nothing new here from either of us. Me wanting more.... Plum's already alluded to them. After 30 minutes of heart-to-heart discussion, yes I teared several times. We've agreed that I will date others and that Plum will be my primary relationship. I love that excitement, but also have mixed feelings for my reasons why I am doing it. I know I have to be less analytical, because over-analyzing all of our differences here is driving us both nuts.

The surprise occurred after the get together. I went home with Plum and we made mad passionate love. The very best ever for me here. There was an intensity that was baffling. I couldn't get enough of her. Usually late at night after a full day, I am kind of lackluster. In this case, we rolled out the rockets and canons. We had the Theme from 1812 and the Theme from Rocky both playing at once. So deep. So juicy. So delicious. So sated.

We slept deeply and then awoke. Plum was first, and pattered around the house, read email. I slept like a baby and recovered well from the night before. She climbed back into bed to wake me in her own special way. There was little hesitation as I responded. No doubt existed in my mind that she wanted. Plum and I have rules. Number one is neither of us EVER say no. The morning was pretty lazy. We made love, played, and chatted for a few hours before breakfast. Plum probably came 20 something times. I came twice. She is a real cum slut. We drenched a couple of large bath towels and still soaked the bed. I tried our a new crop and a whip I bought at the local feed and farm supply store. I left some nice marks on her ass and promised that her luscious tits were next. No coffee was drunk, we were too busy with each other.

In the end, checking in was very good. No real changes except perhaps a further affirmation that I will date others. Plum and I re-iterated our positions that we mean more to each other, and other relationship are meant to be secondary We cleared the air and turned up the heat up a notch.

We split after planning the next date. I found some colorful orange rope. Soft nylon, about 5/32" and bound to look good against Plum's pure white skin. She will be bound and immobilized and I will use her as I see fit. I'm sure we'll tease and taunt each other for the next few days before our next date. No doubt here that it will be hot. Plum loves being restrained and then used for my pleasure. I take it over and over again!

She also knows that her total pleasure is my goal, and I seldom miss that mark. I certainly didn't miss that mark this afternoon as I tucked her into bed, fully used, took a shower and left her napping with a very content smile on her face, as well as a very well used body. So primal........ in love.

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Curvaceous Dee said...

The absolute best of luck moving into polyamorous territory - I'm sure with the excellent communication the two of you have with each other that you'll do very well indeed.

xx Dee