Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It was so inviting.......

Plum and I had a hot scene the other day. I tried out some new sensation toys on her cute round ass.

The riding crop and quirt(small horse whip) were purchased at the feed and farm supply store in town. I showed them to Plum last week and left them on her night stand. No doubt, Plum sanitized her room to make sure her virtue is left in tack as far as most of her friends know about us. Plum must cater to the ones who think that we are just an ordinary middle-aged couple who are in love. Of course, we often joke about how much the housekeeper knows, as we also suspect that the housekeeper has some skeletons in the attic also.

While deliciously torment some pink part of Plum, I told her to get the new toys out and kneel on the bed. Of course, the sight was delicious, a term I often use for Plum.

I began to gently test the toys, first the crop. It had a pad bigger than most. It was hard to say if bigger is better. I kind of like the precision of smaller, but the sound of bigger is intoxicating. The quirt was next. This is my first endeavor into a whip like toy. I loved the pink dashes that developed and how Plum jumped and gasped. She look so inviting. I love the unexpected in my play.

While caressing her reddened ass as a sort of break that might have been consider aftercare, I had an evil urge.

Being a visual person, Plums upturned ass and available pink rose bud were just too much for me to resist. I plunged a finger in quickly while I was massaging her g-spot. No preparation except being adequate lubed. Her reaction was immediate!

She managed a few seconds of enjoyment as I finger fucked her ass. So taboo, so naughty, so basic......... all of which contributed to an orgasm that flooded a towel and left her quivering and spent.

After she recovered and I washed up, we started to plan our next date. I vowed that this time it wouldn't be a finger, it would be me. We seldom play like that, but the intensity is up and no holes are barred, or it is bared????

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Curvaceous Dee said...

The intensity is up indeed! Sounds like it was a marvellous session, and you both enjoyed yourselves mightily :)

xx Dee