Sunday, June 10, 2007

I like the little things Plum does for me

I am amazed at how I respond to little things that Plum does for me. Nothing big, just the 'I picked these up for you' in a particular snack she'd thought I liked, or even 'I looked for those but didn't find them'. It truly is the thought that counts. Of course, I am sure I do the same, but it is so good to find reciprocation and validation. It creates a loving bond and allowss us to play at a high intensity.

We haven't had time to play much in the last week because of a late date, late night out, and an early rise. We awoke late because of too much snuggle time. I jumped out of bed, made coffee while Plum showered, and then out the door. Plum remarked 6 minutes start to out! Wow, I never knew a woman could do that. Of course, Plum isn't just a woman, she is much more complex.

I like it that way.

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