Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Having ended it with both of my lovers, I have no guy.

This is the first time in quite a while there's no one, and I'm surprised at how much that isn't bothering me (of course, it's only been a few days.)

I don't feel ready to deal with anyone else, and I'm relishing the idea of additional time to myself, but I am also thinking that this might be a good time to revisit my vibrator stash and see if all the parts work. The moment is going to suddenly arrive, I know, where I'll want more than just being very good friends with my hand, and it's always smart to therefore be prepared.

(Of course, then there's the fact that when I touch myself, I think of someone I used to date and we're not together, and that makes me sad, and then that little orgasmic thrill goes away--at least until I force myself to change the channel in my head and rely on older, tried and true fantasties to get off.)

It would be interesting to set myself a no guy challenge, to take things really slow this time, and see what emerges in my psyche from resolving to be sexual--but solo.

Stay turned and you may find out.

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