Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Andre shoves it right in

He's learned the joys of my sucking his cock, taking the tip far back in my throat, rubbing the mushroom head against my larynx until I basically choke, then doing it again and again as my fingers tease his balls and scratch and stroke the sensitive skin.

I've learned what his fingers feel like inside me, those big thumbs that enter my pussy and rub, that turn me into a wet puddle of gluey cum, over and over again, as predictable as a wind-up toy.

We touch one another, and please and tease, run and stroke, until the moment I turn over, obediently, for him to put his cock in me and he shoves it right in, his hand almost delicately touching my thigh as his hips pump against me, in and out.

"Oh that feels so good," he sighs.

"Yes, it feels good," I agree, enjoying the throb of his hard cock inside me, enjoying his hand on my hip holding me down, enjoying the way he can rub right up against my g-spot and make me so god damned wet.

We come together when we fuck, we come together after I've sucked him down whole and he's made me squirt buckets of wet onto a towel.

His ass rubs against mine, his cock slides between my legs and down into my flesh, into the dark wet hole my submission has become.

As he thrusts against me, his hand pinning my legs, I feel my body open to him, the soft wet flesh pulsing against his skin, the head of his cock pinned inside my cunt just like my thighs are pinned by his hands and our orgasms bloom, one after the other, our gasps and crying making a song that resonates in the spent silence.

Later, we sleep, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, on the edge of the early morning light, I realize that I am sleeping against him, curled into his tall length and that his leg is thrown across my body, holding me down, keeping me tucked against him as we sleep.

"I can't get away," I think, "He's captured me," and as I am wondering why this truth strikes me as both good and bad, I wriggle free of his leg and go back to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Nice written -- I'm perusing your archives, and identifying with much that you have written and experienced.