Monday, March 12, 2007

Fabulous Monkey Sex

He said "We had fabulous monkey sex last night" and laughed--and I shut down.

It's true, we did have fabulous monkey sex, the two of us soaked in sweak and stinking and slimy with lube and come, but I was trying to have a tantric spritual connected experience--and we were both just too eager and greedy to pull that off.

Nevertheless, when he implied our coming together was just so much casual fun (which maybe it is), I flinched. And got off the phone. And sulked.

And then, when I called him back to explain how I felt and that his comment had put me off, he seemed unreceptive. I felt awkward, not reassured.

And now I am about to go to bed and make love with my hand and think about whether I should try to meet someone else and forget this.


Daddy's lil pig said...

i too have had this marvelous connecting experience worked out for myself..and how much it sucks when the one who should be getting that connection just does not get it.

{milla} said...

Agreed. You send out this energy and it just kinda withers and drivels away with one unthoughtout comment.

Is that a word?


Marvin said...

What's funny in one brain can be thoughtless in another. And it's most unfortunate when that point isn't accepted. I hope he figures that out, and soon.

DL's toy said...

Hmmm. i'd probably think the same thing you did if i wasn't completely Owned and aware of it every second of every day.

i do wonder what you have decided to do. Andre?

Owned Slave said...

I know the feeling, I get the same thing from my Mistress sometimes. I usually just keep my feelings to myself when it happens though.