Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sex with D--and Andre

So while my body is still as wet and juicy and receptive of D as ever, the shifting dynamic of my BDSM lover is definitely taking some of the charge out of the wild fucking I do with D.

I admit it, it turns me on to have a lover who holds me down, rubs himself against my body, and as soon as I am moist, shoves his super-hard cock right into the soft pink, slamming over and over into my pussy and against my G-spot as he whispers the filthiest stuff into my ear.

On the other hand, those pleasures pall a bit when I've just spent the previous evening being tied down and cuffed so that I could have two big meaty hands explore me, thrumming my G-spot over and over until I came so hard I squirted buckets all over an already drenched towel until Andre felt ready to play with my clit, his mouth sucking and biting my breasts as his hands plucked the stiffening flesh and grabbed the soft, hairy mound skin.

And then there was the moment Andre shoved himself in my mouth, fucking my face in a way that doesn't particularly turn Wash on (except for the sheer sluttiness of it), the fat tip of his cock pressing against my lips and making me droll as he shoved hard, right to the back of my throat.

I recognize this is a higher order problem to have, that making love with both D and Andre are true pleasures, but as the world's biggest G-spot slut (I think), the way Andre can push that magic button every time makes me just beside myself--and when you add some good spanking to that--I'm all for it.

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Eros said...

That fence. I straddle it.

Both are very good but neither is better. Can you give up one and stick with the other?