Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This past weekend: Milestones

  • Had sex in a room with four snoring people
  • Had sex in a room with another couple doing the same thing on a different mat
  • Watched a femdom spank her slave (and god, he is hot!)
  • Watched the femdom, her dominant male partner and the slave work over a cute female submissive--lots of clamps, floggers, lips, tongues, hands involved--the screaming was delicious.
  • Took off my shirt and allowed my bare breasts to be tied in a Shibari-style rope corset and paraded around for an hour or two
  • Fondled by a couple
  • Made out with the (gorgeous) and irresistable male slave
  • Was propositioned by four different men
  • Talked about BDSM and submission with a whole group of people, real time
  • Told people I was D/s submissive with one of my partners (but not the other)

However, I passed on the orgy, heading off for private time with D, instead.

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