Monday, April 10, 2006


We're in bed, early morning. R's hands creep down my side and stroke my pussy. Gently, he parts my legs, twirls his hand on my pubes and slips a finger inside. Soon, he has three fingers inside me, pounding my g-spot as I open wide, his other hand holding my mouth closed.
Then, he's beside the bed, peeling his pjs off, shoving his cock into my mouth and thrusting against m, hard and fast till I choke.
His hands hold my chin, stroke my throat, angle my mouth so he pushes into my throat deep into the back, the grip my hair as he drives into my tongue, his hard cock fucking my face. When he's ready, he pushes me over and lies back on the bed.
"Ride me," he commands. "Fuck me."
I climb aboard and smile with pleasure as I feel my pussy settle and tighten around his cock. He's throbbing and hard and I'm used and wet and I want to feel him scream and come, knowing how his pleasure will please me.
"Ride me,slut, ride me," he says, and he gasps as I bob up and down, my pussy muscles tightening around his rod, grabbing and clutching in a dance we both feel until suddenly his back arches and he starts to come.
"It's your breasts, "he gasps, as he shoots hot cum deep into my pussy. "Your big, hot breasts bouncing up and down..."
I smile and slip off him. It's my breasts you see, and my hips and my arms, my legs, my neck and my toes. My hair, my head, my hips, my eyes, my mouth, my ass, my toes--You see, the man owns me, he's obsessed with me, addicted, and after a year together there's no place he hasn't come, no hole he hasn't fucked, no way I wouldn't beg and call him Master if he wanted.
There are no markings, no collar, no rules, but we both know I belong to him...and he makes sure I want to always remember, always crave him, always submit.
Words I didn't understand a year ago--words that capped off my transformation into a proud submissive slut, a sweet slut princess, the wanton whore who will give her Master anything he wants.

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