Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

I feel his erection, hard, against my thigh, as he rolls my nipple between his fingers.
He bends his head and scapes it with his teeth, and shivers go up my spine.
Soon, he's stroking my pussy, pulling the lips apart, circling his finger inside.
The heat rises off me, I want him, and I want him to dominate me, here, right now,
but I say nothing and bend obediently as be pulls off his pants and lies back on the bed.
Without being told, I bend down and take his cock deep into my mouth, take him into my whole, feel him stiffen and grow against the back of my throat.
I let him fuck my face and get really hard, until he says "I want to fuck your pussy and see how many times I can make you come."
And then he does.
And then, I do.
And then...

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