Monday, August 08, 2005

Dommed by Z

I dress for the visit...
Black and purple lace bra R bought me, matching panties.
Scooped-neck top, fitted cargo pants.
The red high heeled sandals he likes tucked into my orange bag, along with fresh lingerie, a crotchless mesh bodysuit, lace-topped stockings,my red high heels, a garter belt and a purple fishnet shirt.

When I arrive Z is in the shower.
The bag of toys is on the bed.
The restraints have been put out.
The sheets are clean, the pillows fresh.
I lie down and smile and wait.

"Take off your shirt and pants," Z says.
Soon, I am in just my lingerie, bending over the bed.
"I want you to lie down and touch yourself for me," he says.
At his instruction, I put three fingers in my pussy, then four(tough).
He pulls me to the edge of the bed and I suck his cock. Alot.

Soon after, Z lubricates and then inserts a huge plug up my butt.
It hurts like hell going in with the lube, and I scream.
" I want to tie up your breasts, and tie you to the door, blindfold you and whip you," he tells me.
Soon, I am wearing a lovely black rope harness he's made on my body, my nipples are clamped and the lingerie is missing.

Z shows me the restraints, puts them on my wrists, and measures me against the door.

If I wear my heels, I'll snap into the o-rings without stretching.
I put them on.
Blindfolded, naked, I am pressed against the door, arms stretched overhead.
I can't see anything.
Without warning, alnost silently the flogger comes down across my ass.
It makes a sound as it lands, and a woosh as it draws back.
Again and again, Z whips my ass, my back, the inside of my thighs.
"Stick your ass out," he says. "I want to whip your pussy."
The flogger cuts under my butt and flicks across my cunt, it stings and hurts, but the pain feels so good.
I don't want Z to stop, I don't want to need my safeword, I want to lose myself in the strokes of the flogger across my ass, and Z's hand, tugging the big butt plug deeper in, making me gasp.

"Let's turn you around, "Z says. "I want to whip your tits."
He helps me circle, and snaps me to the door again.
At the first cut, one of the nipple clamps falls off.
"Can't have that," Z says.
With one mighty swoosh, he brings the flogger down on my breasts.
The clamp bursts off my breast and I scream, feeling the whip on the tender nipple.
Soon, there is a dildo inside me, Z's hand at the end of it.
He thrusts deep inside me.
The pain is enormous.
I feel impaled, writhing, as if it is his arm reaching inside.
And yet, I am more excited that I have ever been.
I arch my back against the dildo, angling it toward my g spot.
His hands are sure, experienced.
Double penetration.
I can feel him watching me closely as he brings me toward an edge.
Whipped, impaled, slapped, rubbed--I come and come, hanging from the restraints,
sobbing with sexual thrills.
I know the neighbors can hear us, know I am gasping and screaming sometimes, know that I am almost beside myself, so keenly in a place of intense pain and pleasure.
"Come, sit. Enjoy the afterglow."
When he takes me off the door, I see I am unsteady.
I can stand, that's not it, but my reality has been altered.
I feel like I have become someone else, a new version of me, someone who feels differently.

Z gently removes the cuffs.
Soon he pulls out some new ones and attaches them to my hands.
"I am going to restrain you spread-eagled on the bed," he says. "Is that okay?"
He snaps me in place, then takes out a ball gag.
We've talked about them, but it scares me a bit--but I accept it anyway.
Soon I am tied down, gagged, completely exposed to him.
Z puts his fingers inside me.
As they move furiously, I push against his palm.
Almost against my will, this man is making me aroused, making me want to come.
The steady pressure of his hand builds my excitement.
I hear myself gasp, it feels so good.
I come.
Then, he's put something else inside me, something hard, and he is working me again, I can't turn away, and once more my excitement builds.
More double penetration.
Unnnh, unnhhh, I moan beneath the gag.
I must have come 3 or 4 times before he stops, gets up from the bed, and comes back with a little sharp wheel of an instrument.
It's a razor-sharp circle, with spokes, and I tighten with fear, afraid Z is going to cut me.
I watch him closely, eyes narrowed, as he traces the wheels across my breasts, down my stomach, and across my thighs.
I submit because I want to, but the little wheel scares me.
As he drags it across my sensitive pussy lips, I am too nervous to feel anything, and happy when he puts it away.
I know he can see I don't like it.

He removes the gag.
We hug and kiss. We lie together on the bed and talk.
I nestle like a cat against his shoulder.
"I forgot to give you your pebbles to throw," he says. "I could see you didn't like the medical instrument."
"I made sure I could spit out the gag if I had to," I say. "It made me nervous, but I didn't think you would really hurt me."
"I like to bite," he says," and I thought the wheel might be kind of like that, but I could see you were uncomfortable."
I stretch against his arm, still quiet.
"You like pain," he says. "I can see doing bigger, more elaborate things for you--I was hitting you pretty hard--and you seemed totally into it. Have you ever come so hard before? And so many times?
No, I say, nothing like this.
I am still, calm, almost numb with sexual release and happiness, amazed and grateful that after so many months, Z has finally, and with great success, given me exactly what I want.

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