Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Types of Doms

In my short time exploring submission and trying to meet the *right* Dom, I've made some observations about types of men who are Doms.
This is by no means comprehensive, but here's the list:
1)The Sadist
He's dreamed of tormenting women since he was small, he likes to hurt them more than they might want to be hurt, and he's looking for a relationship where he can get permission to be abusive.

2) The Scientist
He's a nerd, a geek, a freak, with poorer than average social skills and a romantic spirit. He'd like to use D/s to capture a woman, a princess he can bind to himself through such sexual intensity, much like a speciman on a board.

3) The Power Exchanger
He loves to push the envelope and the edges. Being Dom is part of his alpha male energy and hes going to be the best goddamn Dom there is, whatever that means. Oh yes, and he loves humilation and sharing...shows control.

4) The Sensualist
Wanton, in the moment, intense, the sensualist uses D/s to deepen a relationship and explore more aspects of feeling between two specific people. This is the type I prefer.

5) The Fetishist
It's not the woman, it's the whip, or the flogger, or the paddle, or the shoe, or...you get the drill.

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