Sunday, August 07, 2005

My (new) sex life

So 5 months ago, I was leaving a (long) marriage.
I had been with one person for more than 20 years.
I had no idea what might interest me outside of how I thought about my sexual relationship with him.
D/s, top/bottom, BDSM--they were all the same to me.
Rope, restraints, clamps, spanking--I had no clue about any of them.
The catalyst for my discoveries was meeting R.
In talking with Z, I realized there was an aspect of myself that had been there all along that was
sexually submissive, attracted to (some) pain, and fascinated with power exchange.
Suddenly, there were words for what I wanted to try--which meant I could now name it.
Which meant--well, everything you are reading here.

Z was the man who has helped me gain my freedom and find myself--a process that is continuing.

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