Wednesday, August 10, 2005

He likes to bite

D is at my house.
He's a senior exec at a large tech company, works 100 hours a week, has been a Dom for six years.
He seems to really like me--possibly because no one has held him in a long time.
Possibly because I am one of the few submissives he 's met online who are affluent on their own.
Possibly because I'm available.
Who knows?

We kiss for what feels like an hour.
He won't let me suck his tongue, but he likes to bite my cheeks on the inside, and hold and nip my lips with his teeth.
"You like to bite," I say.
"Yes, but have I hurt you?"
I say no.

He puts his hands on my ass and squeezes, pinching in slow motion.
He turns me around and spanks me.
First one cheek, then the other.
The heat rises off my body.
My pussy is getting wet.

I want him to overpower me, bend me over the couch and put his hands under my panties, edging the creases aside until his fingers are inside me.
I want him to put two fingers in, then three, then grab my hair and shove his hand into my mouth.
I want him to unzip his pants, push my face to the crotch, and tell me to suck.

But none of this happens.
"I guess I should take off," he says. "I'll take you out to dinner next time."
Okay, I respond, smiling. Give me a call.

As he leaves I am thinking to myself, how can I go out with someone who doesn't seem to get what a horny little slut I truly am?


Freya said...

Oh sweet, I think he gets it. I think he's playing with you. Some Doms like the mind fuck too.

Madeline said...

I agree with Freya (when do I not, really?).

Keep writing. It's good shit.