Sunday, August 14, 2005

Passion and submission

So this was a new experience: making love with my scientist, spread eagled on the bed, his tongue and fingers inside me, his mouth fast on my flesh.
Sensations were coming fast and furious when all of a sudden, I realized he's taken control.

Dom or not, the man is inside me, driving me toward an intense series of climaxes,very much in control of my (sexual) energy.

Maybe it was the first time I understood how much D/s is in my head.
Maybe it was the moment I recognized power exchange isn't just about spanking.

I want to be your slut, I want you to dominate me, was what I said to him silently, in my brain, as I moved toward orgasm, but I didn't mention it till later when we lay side by side on the bed, basking in the afterglow.

"Remember when I told you I had a sexually submissive side?" I asked.
He said yes.
"Well, you know, when you were going down on me, one of the things that got me excited was my feeling like you were in control--making me have all those orgasms--and I realized that's my submissive streak--thinking that made everything more intense."
My scientist smiled. "That's why sex is all in your head," he said, and bent to kiss me again.

Conclusion: The scientist and I have mad chemistry. He lives kind of far away, but I would like to have the chance to ravage him, to explore him again...and again.


chantal said...

Submission is what you do when have revelation.

You go, girl.


"I Was Hitler's Wet Nurse"

chantal said...


. . . when *you* have revelation.


Freya said...

Submission is far more mental to me than physical. Submission is when I know that I'd do anything for him because he wanted me to and it would please his eye. Submission causes myself to fall away and I become something more and yet something less all at once.

Yes, submission is a lot more than spanking. But spanking is very fun.