Thursday, August 25, 2005

I need more sex: Right now

I've been visiting family for a week, and am feeling amazingly horny.
For a woman who's involved with three guys, my selection seems awfully thin:
--One is home ill, having blown off tonight
--Another lives 30 miles away and is busy, busy, busy
--The third is 3,000 miles away and--ugh-- married

I seem to careeen from having too many men to having too few.
My fantasy of having a wonderful male sex toy, someone 32 and rugged,
just doesn't seem to be working out
I'd like to meet someone who needs a lot of sex, especially fucking, and who's
into coming over, having hot, hot sex and then taking off.
I had a relationship like that in college and it was incredibly hot--how do I get myself
a guy like that now?

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