Saturday, August 13, 2005

This is bliss, this is everything.

He comes over after work and admires the black corset and the sheer black shirt I wear above my jeans and belt.
I know he likes the black beaded collar, though he never says a word.

"Before we go out," he says, "I have something. I want you to wear this."
He draws out the buttplug with the electronic control and I say yes.
When I am bent over the bed, smooth white ass in the air, black sheer panties pulled down, I look in the mirror--and I look hot.
Red hair, white skin, black corset, shirt, lingerie--and that classic pose, head down, ass in the air.
Soon, the buttplut is inside me and we are at the movies.
He flicks the switch on and off.
No one knows but us.

Later, at home, he makes me suck his cock.
I love to hear him moan.
"Talk dirty to me" he says, "Tell me about filling your ass with that big plug.
Tell me about how you like me to fuck your tits."
Soon, he is inside me.
I ride him as we both cry out, as the orgasm explodes, and we both come.
This is bliss, this is everything I think at that that moment. And then, I want to be your slut.
And then You own all my holes.
Bliss, yes.

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