Friday, August 05, 2005

Z Make up sex

"I want to belong to you," I whisper to him. "I want to be yours."
His hands are on my breasts, full hands that cover them and seek out the nipples, teasing and touching and stroking.
His mouth is over mine, his tongue holding mine, gentle, yet ready to devour.
We kiss and his hands move to my pants, reaching inside the low-cut bottoms, squeezing, stroking.
"Turn over."
I bend and he lays me across the bed, pulling my pants down. The spanking is hard; I put my knuckle on my mouth so as not to cry out, but it feels so good--I love it.
He turns me around and slaps my breasts, watching the pale red-head's flesh turn pink, smiling intently.
His hand in inside me, pushing, digging, filling me with an intensity that makes me gasp.
He is fucking me with his fingers, I realize, in a way his cock cannot, and the idea makes it feel so hot, makes me feel so connected to the man in the chair.
My orgasm builds and I almost cry when I come, the relief feels so great. At the end I feel wrung out, limp, calm.
Ater a few minutes, I turn to him and say sweetly, "Please, may I suck your cock?"
"No, I'm sorry sweetheart, not tonight," he says.
"Well," I pout just a little. "Can I just kiss it?"
I need to touch him, to be close, to hold our connection.
He agrees, removes his pants and underwear.
I bend to his cock, the pink rosebud lying still and small that I know will come to life in my mouth, awaken into something hard and exciting.
Like a delicious piece of fruit, I lick and suck him, nibbling at first daintily and then with greed at the warm, hard flesh until he is gasping with pleasure.
"Ooohhh," unhhhhh" he moans, "Don't stop, just do that."
For the next 15 minutes, I touch and tease him, stroking his cock, sucking it, nibbling the tip with my mouth, rubbing it with my tongue.
I kiss and tease his balls, running my fingers along the side of his legs.
I hold my hand at the base of his cock and plunge him into my mouth.
I hold him and rub, press him between my big breasts till me moans with pleasure.
He never comes.
After a while, I stop.
We kiss and hold one another tenderly.
"You have a bruise on your backside," he says."And it's still red."
I think about seeing him this weekend and adding another mark.

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