Friday, August 05, 2005

Freya: On submission

Freya is one of my favorite--and most admired--erotic bloggers and this post by her partner MFC about their relationship and her submission has given me much to think about in relationship to my own headstrong, saucy ways.
MFC writes:
"I made it clear that I was not interested in continuing to explore the D/S path unless she was going to truly submit. I'm not interested in playacting D/S where Freya maintains control over how/when we have sex. I'm not interested at all in being "topped from below." This was her idea so she's going to give herself fully or not at all. Unless Freya uses the safeword, I expect her grateful submission.

I cannot take what isn't offered to me (without using physical or emotional violence). Her submission is her gift to me and it is my responsibility to use that gift to bring her pleasure.

Freya LIKES to be dominated but finds it difficult to actually submit. Therefore, it is my job to help her submit."

There's more, but the essence is that you don't choose what to submit to--you choose whom to submit to--and then, otside of the times you need safewords, you go for it.

This makes great sense--I would like to have that relationship with someone.

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Freya said...

Why thank you! What lovely words of praise.