Sunday, March 26, 2006

Over and over and over again

When I am with D, it feels like our bodies just can't stay apart--we want to make love and be inside one another, touching, feeling, as much as possible.
Last night, at D's, we went to bed and soon made love; again, in the middle of the night, he reached for me, his body turning to mine, his hands cupping me, my body opening to him.
I feel so hungry for him, so good with him inside's a feeling I have trouble putting into words, but I crave it--and I crave being with him.
My magic image of D is sleeping beside him; I love how safe he makes me feel as we nestle together in the night and how my body opens to him, craves him, even as we breathe and sleep.

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schiava said...

you're a lucky girl (and he's a lucky guy as well!!! ;b): it's so good to feel such a hunger for someone!