Sunday, March 26, 2006

Touching Z

When Z walked through the door, he grabbed me, sliding his hands into my shirt, pinching my breasts and kissing me hard. "Bend down and suck my cock," he said, pushing me to my knees.
As Z thrust into my mouth, I moaned with pleasure--this was a fantasy come true for me.
"Take off your clothes and go into the bedroom," he said, and when I did, he joined me, pushing me down to suck his cock some more, to take him into my mouth, deep and hard, until he made me sputter and choke.
Soon, we were on the bed and Z's hand was inside me.
"Look how wet you are," he said, as his fingers moved, opening me up, widening the space, stroking inside until I was ready to scream. "Look at that, you're already squirting," he said, as I came hard against his hand, the liquid gushing out.
Then, "Move over," Z said, as he pushed me back onto the bed, pulled my legs apart, and thrust deep inside me.

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