Sunday, March 05, 2006

D/s at the theatre

Z and I are going on to dinner and to a show. I'm wearing my embroidered corset, the black one that shows the tops of my breasts, and a little velvet jacket that keeps it decent enough to go outside. Tight black jeans and high heeled black suede shoes, long silver earrings spilling down my neck.
Before we go out, Z pulls me aside. "How pretty you look. How hot. Will you do something for me?"
Of course, I say. Yes.
Soon I am half naked, on the bed, head on the pillow, ass in the air. "I'm going to put this butt plug in," Z says, "And I want you to wear it all night. If you go to the bathroom and it comes out, you have to put it back in. "
"Okay," I say and put my hand in my mouth as Z delicately oils up my ass, rubbing his finger across the opening, teasing the puckered flesh with his hand. I know the butt plug is big and thick and that there's a moment, everytime, that it hurts like hell when Z puts it in and that moment is going to come and there is nothing I can do.
"Ow," I scream, and he's put the butt plug in my ass, and soon my jeans are zipped and we're heading for a cab and I feel it every step I take and I feel the bones of the corset cutting into my flesh.
Then we're at the theatre and I'm on the edge of my seat. The butt plug digs into my ass, and the corset holds tight against my ribs. Soon, I feel Z's fingers brush against the side of my neck, the gentle curve of my throat, the base of my neck. "I own you," that touch says, only in a language no one else can see--or understand.
I bow my head and rub my cheek against his fingers. "I belong to you,"that touch says, whispered in a language only we speak.
Later, much later, when we are home, Z takes the plug out and fucks me in the ass. It's after the moment where he's spanked me with the paddle, flogged my pussy, and made me squirt three times. It's after he's shoved his cock in my throat and fucked it till I choked. He shoves his cock in my ass and soon he's deep inside me, thrusting as hard as he can.
"You belong to me," he growls, "I own you, I control you, I own all your holes."
He pulls out and comes across my ass, the small of my back, his cock shooting so hard and so long there's a hot puddle of come across most of my hips, the small of my back, the crack of my ass, the warm cheeks joining my legs.
"Did you like that?" he asks.
"Oh yes," I say. "I liked that." And I think Master, his come running down my thighs.

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