Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dominated by D

We're in a hotel in another city, on a big bed, in a white room.
I'm on my knees when D starts to spank me, his hand swatting fast and firm on my ass.
Soon he has some fingers inside me, rubbing my g spot as he swats my ass.
He's hard and forceful and he's dominating me, pushing me to the orgasm he wants me to have, and I can't believe how turned on I am
how good it feels for D to drive me in this way
Later, D and I are making love, breathing together, as I ride astride him.
"Come on my cock, you slut," he says and reaches up and begins to slap my breasts."Let me feel you come."
Dominance is something I hunger for from Z, but it's a small (very small) part of my relationship with D and I can't believe how turned-on I feel, how aroused, how wet.

"It felt so powerful when you dominated me," I tell him. "I couldn't believe how hot it made me."
D smiles. "That's something you do with Z, not me, "he says.
"Yes," I tell him, "But when you do it, it's hot, too."
D nods. "I only do it cause it turns you on," he says, "It's not really part of the way I am wired.
"I know," I say, but what I am thinking is spank me again.

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