Sunday, March 05, 2006


I wake up, feeling's Zs hands on me, his lips on my breast, nuzzling the nipple, his mouth licks my pussy, chewing the folds as his hands part my flesh for his fingers.
Soon, he is so deep inside me, I twist like a swivel, I moan in the back of my throat.
The way he touches my g-spot makes me crazy, the way his touch is practiced, relentless, driving me to an orgasm I didn't plan and don't really want to feel, to lying impaled on the bed, split on his hand as he reaches so far inside me I feel pulled apart, squirting hard as he gasps in delight, knowing how much I have surrended to his touch, how far gone I am into his world, how much he has taken me over.
I want to rest, but Z flips me over, spreads my legs wide, and drives him self in. My legs are on his shoulders as he plunges deep in and out of my pussy, my body grasping to hold him tight, his legs bouncing against my thighs until the moment he comes, shoots, explodes.
"I'm filling you with my cum, you slut," he whispers. "I'm coming inside you."
A moment later, he whispers in my ear. "I want you to lick your juices off my cock," he says. "Then you can cuddle up beside me."
"Okay," I say, and do as he asks, amazed at what he asks me, amazed at how I obey him.


Freya said...

There is something calming about licking his cock off after he's come inside me. I don't know why.

Married Sex Addict said...

Very sexy indeed.