Friday, December 29, 2006

The new Dom

So I got together with the potential new Dom today. We were supposed to go out and explore hisn eighborhood, but instead I dragged him into bed with me--for hours. We had an amazing time--by agreement, there was no D/s, no penetration, but he spanked me and I had some very powerful orgasms--drove away with a BIG smile on my face.
Some random bits from the day:
--He reads D/s sex was a trip to see his bookmarks for blogs by bloggers I read as well--some of whom had posted here! (I did not see this blog on his list...and I did tell him I had one...)
--He gives a mean spanking. God, it felt so good! His hands were heavy on my ass, and warmed it right up.
--We had good chemistry. More to come on this new development and where this connection goes.


Grace Lee said...

Good for you, my darling.

Happy new year!


His fucktoy said...

It all sounds so... so erotically yummy!

"His hands were heavy on my ass' Yum!


'dragged him into bed with me-- for hours...'

Mmmmm.... lucky!

Big smiles on faces? Awesome! Chemistry? Fanasitic!

And as the hours tick by, i wish you a Brand New Year stuffed full of love and kink and everything good!!

Wild One said...

Sounds like some hot reads to cum!