Sunday, December 17, 2006

Water, one year together

It's evening, later, and D and are are in the hot tub in his backyard. The stars are out, glazing the night, and it's very quiet in the 'hood. D's in the water, waiting for me, so I drop the robe and hurry up the stairs, easing myself into the water and next to him.
It's been a year we've been together, a year ago we sat in his tub naked on the night we met, full of wine and sushi and curiousity, a year ago I decided this man was someone I'd like to see again.
And now we're naked in the darkness, back in the water, moving toward one another for yet another touch.
D pulls my body toward his, lightly touching my waist, his hand stroking my hips and thighs. We move toward one another, bouyant, afloat, my breasts brushing against his chest, my legs brushing him. Gently, I brace my hips against the tub, offer my breasts and pussy to him.
D brushes his cock against my lips and I run against him, the dark coming down on us like a cover, like a kiss.
We hold one another and kiss. "I love you," we say, but what is really meant is, "I still think you are so fucking hot."
D leanes back in the water, eyes closed, and thrusts his cock against my legs, We're rocking, weightless, and then he is inside me, my body opening, as always, for him.
"You want me to stick my cock inside you, don't you, you slut." D says, moving closer. "You always want me to fill you up, huh?"
"Yes," I say, and open myself further, moving so that D can have all the access he wants, can shove his cock deep into my body, can move against my g-spot and make me squirm, can use my pussy the way I always want him to, can dominate and own me through the force of his hunger, his need.
We are in the water, in the dark, and we are fucking. We're slamming into one another, my pussy closing like a glove around his dick, his cock shoving into me, wet and slick and hard and good, magical and reality at the same time. D's head is thrown back, his face transfixed, we pant together as I come and come, the orgasm blooming like a firework going off, a small moment of controlled frenzy in the hot tub we have all to ourselves.
"Huh, huh, huh, huh," we are breathing, panting, a moment of tantra together. One breath, one purpose, a hot sex dream.
"Oohhh, ohhh," D's face is agonized as he comes, so hard, so deep inside me, the orgasm lifting him out of himself and into a place I cannot go, a place safe from all the bad things happening right now in his life, safe from the losses to come.

I come hard as well, so hard I know I would be squirting if we were on a bed, so hard I lose myself for a moment, at once both stilled and in motion in the lapping breeze.

What does it mean, to know you are so together but to feel so apart?To be joined in this intense embrace, but to believe--at this time next year--we will be apart?

We're in the water, and we're together, but somehow, hot as it is, I feel we are distant, not truly joined.

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Wild One said...

Nothing wrong with some hot sex. I hope the growing apart will not be to tough.